Design Taking Centre Stage

By January 6, 2012Web Design

Built on a Feature Rich Core, Balance with Beautiful Splendour.

Make use of the many and varied integrated Extensions which add style and function to your Web Genius website design.

Our Designs are packed with features including SEO Optimised code, multi level menus and a variety of integrated Extensions. We place Design around a functional core. Get ready to experience truely inspirational design.

We build using industry standard code, websites that are flexible and transportable, although most clients use us to host their websites and keep them updated the websites we build are truly portable and can be moved easily. Industry standard code means better performance in search engines as well as speedier web pages for you customers.

Web Standard code also means we can add on functions to your website, etiher during construction or whenever you desire, extending the life and usefullness of your inital website investment. A website that can grow and evolve with your business, that is smart.