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Organic Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your site search engine friendly.

The process begins with understanding the words/phrases your prospective customers are most likely to type into a search engine to find a product or service like yours. Once you have done this you can prioritise these phrases and select the most likely ones. You then look at the competition for each of these phrases, identify the phrases you can easily get to the top of the search results with.

These phrases are then woven into your website. They are used in your websites text, headings, images, pages names, meta tags and link navigation and so on.

Doing this helps the search engines work out the phrases that are most important to your website.

Getting Better Search Engine Results

The Search Engine Optimisation process is best done when you are building your website but there is nothing to stop it being done after a website is completed.

Once this work has been done the next part of the process is to secure inbound links from other websites to yours. This is an ongoing process, you can never have too many quality links coming into your website. Quality links are from strong websites that share the keywords and phrases that you are targeting.

It is also necessary to schedule regular updates to your website, it comes as no surprise that Google and Co believe that regularly updated website are more likely to have up to date and therefore more useful information. Because of this ‘fresh’ websites tend to get a better run in search results.

Having a Melbourne based Search Engine Optimisation means that they already have strong links with other Melbourne based businesses, this can really help with obtaining quality inbound links to your website.