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Pay Per Click Advertising is having your ads appear in search engine results and other web pages and paying each time your advertisement is clicked, i.e. ‘pay per click’.

Pay Per Click advertising is very quick to arrange (an account can be set up on 20 minutes) and your ads start to appear as soon as your first payment goes through.

You can limit your expense by putting a cap on your advertising costs, i.e. $20 per day. Once your budget is exhausted your ads stop appearing. When the new period (day/week/month) starts your ads automatically start appearing again.

Pay Per Click advertising has that quick and easy appeal and many businesses make money from using it, but in the long run optimising your website to appear in the ‘Organic search engine results’ is more worthwhile. Having said that many people utilise both Pay Per Click ads and Organic search results at the same time to maximise exposure.

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