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The rarest commodity

It’s common sense that to get a different result you must start by changing the way you do things.

We do things differently to most other web site designers.

"We understand our task is not just to build fantastic web sites... Our task is to build revenue streams for our clients"

“We understand our task is not just to build fantastic web sites… Our task is to build revenue streams for our clients”

We do this by building our sites from the ground up to work with search engines. Over the last couple of years the techniques used to do this have become steadily more complex, this complexity is in direct proportion to the value of having a well optimised site.

Why is search engine optimisation more important now?

Because search engines are so much better. This means more people (even complete computer novices) now use search engines on a regular basis to find information on subjects of interest, in particular when they are ready to purchase goods and services.

The value of today’s search engines is similar to the value of the Yellow Pages, and like the Yellow Pages, search engines can charge a hefty fee for a priority listing. A well optimised site can as much exposure, if not more, than a priority listing, from this you can start to see the value of building your web site right from the start.

As the number of searchers increases so does the ability of search engines to match the query with a relevant bunch of search results. A bonanza for those that get it right.

Many clients (your competitors perhaps) judge a finished web site by how it looks, how fast it downloads, the quality of the graphics and text, all of these things are important and we take great pains to get them right, but if no body ever finds your new web site their value is at best debatable.